Sunday, September 30, 2012

31 Day Nail Art Challenge --- Day 22, Song[s]

My day 22 manicure is one I love. Not only was it inspired by my favourite band, it also happened to be my birthday (yesterday). But enough of that. Let's get to the pictures, and the polish.

Although the challenge was inspired by a song, I chose to use several songs. All of which are by the Beatles. 

On my pointer finger, I painted a strawberry. This nail is inspired by Strawberry Field's Forever. And for any of you who know the movie Across the Universe, the strawberry is inspired by Jude's artwork. The base is White On from Sally Hansen and the strawberry is acrylic. My middle finger is inspired by Being For the Benefit of Mr. Kite. It's a poster advertising the Pablo Fanque's Circus (mentioned in the song) with the circus tent curtain over top. The base is White On, that was sponged with brown acrylic. The writing and curtain are acrylic. My ring finger is inspired by Across the Universe. The Beatles was written on a galaxy... in the universe. :p The base is Black Satin from Rimmel, followed my sponging of White On, Grey-t To Be Here from Essence, and Midnight Plum from Avon. The stars and The Beatles are acrylic. Finally, my pinkie is inspired by Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band. It's one of the Beatle's outfits from the album cover. The base is Papaya from JOE and the details are acrylic. 

Here's the random bonus design I painted on my thumb. Not really sure what it is.... I guess it can demonstrate the whimsical aspect of a lot of Beatles's songs. It could also be my Happy Birthday nail! :p The base is White On and the details are acrylic.

And this is my favourite nail. I love how well the strawberry turned out.  If you guys would like a tutorial of the strawberry, let me know! Below is a photo of what it was inspired by.


  1. I was so excited for this day cuz I figured you would do the Beatles haha :D Great execution! And happy birthday!

    1. :) Thanks! They're my favourite band, so I can't forget them! :p


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